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So, I've been doing this re-watch of Buffy (and I need to get back to Angel), and posting live as I watch here.  It's an all things Whedon page, but mostly about Buffy/Angel, as that is my [obvious] fandom focus.

Additionally, at some point I will check out both Firefly and Dollhouse, since I have never seen either...  Should be intersting [hopefully]!

In other news, DAVID BOREANAZ will be at Chicago Wizard World this August.  James Marsters will also be there.


J. August will also be there.  That's half (or more than half, depending on the year) of the actors from the credits of the show.  HOW DO YOU NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THIS??


What fandom things have you been up to?

Meta Search

Spike coat


A long time ago, there was this website that had tons and tons of meta stuff on it.  I know Barb posted there a lot, but I cannot for the life of me recall the name.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Additionally, back in the day, were there more Bangels than Spuffies?  Were Spike fans in the minority, or am I just really senile now? 

Name Poll!

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So, I'm working on a novel and hit a bit of a road block with one of my main character's names.  Narrowed it down to two names; four combinations.  Please vote on your favorite one (or two!).

Poll #1953410 Name That Dude

Which name sounds best?

Nic Sloane
Nic Hale
Dalton Sloane
Dalton Hale

Looking for...

Liz Lemon has it all
Someone who can play guitar.

I wrote a song a month ago, and it's something with a catchy name and chorus, and the person who started the composition of it stopped halfway.  The song is technically done sans bridge.  So, what I'm looking for is someone who can listen to the music I already have and just finish it, so that I may record the song and stop obsessing over it.  Like really--I think about it all the time, and it's driving me nuts :p  So yeah!  If you, or anyone you know plays the guitar and can help...please, please, please let me know.

In other news, I'm working on a musical (act 1 is almost complete), a short story, and hoping to get back to the adapted novel I haven't finished.

In TV, I've been dedicated myself to watch Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story: Coven, The Goldbergs, and of course, The Walking Dead.  These shows make me excited about watching TV and watching it uninterrupted.  How's about you?


James Marsters' Spike Comic

Gus sees through bullshit
Don't know what's gone on over here, but the details of the standalone Spike comic have been released via this interview, and I have to say that I think it stinks.

Folks are up in arms because the Spike fans think that James is pissing on the character, and the James fans think that the Spike fans are jealous of James' wife...Yeah, okay.

Sources here and here and here.

Here's a long, ranty comment I left on one of the FB boards in an attempt to clear things up for both sides, and thought I'd share it here:

I think you guys are kind of talking past each other.

What the James fans have to understand is that the Spuffies are very protective of their ship, and what occurred in canon (even though it wasn't 100% Spuffy positive, and most of those fans know and acknowledge that). Spuffy fans have been beaten down in fandom almost as much as Spike has So, putting Spike (allegedly) with another love interest in the same timeline of s7, right after getting his soul for Buffy, is 1) Yet another slap in the face to Spuffy fans and 2)Not true to canon in that Spike didn't start speaking to women until after he's out of the basement, not so crazy, and living with Xander. And those are only women he *talked* to.

In regards to the Anya/Spike thing, comparing a moment of (what should have been private) solace of two people who were blown off (or worse in Spike's case, in a way) by someone they loved is NOT the same as randomly hooking up with some chick cause you feel lonely one day. Not that Spike was of sound mind right after getting his soul, so any "relationship" would be sketchy anyway.

And what the Spuffy fans have to understand is that 1)What James wants will ultimately trump what BtVS/Spuffy fandom wants, 2) The comics are just comics, and will not negate the TV series canon, and 3) Nothing will be worse than space!frak with grossly OOC Angel.

As for using his wife's visage, yes, I do agree that it comes across as unprofessional. Not necessarily in deed, but in presentation (i.e. the i09 interview). And yes, it came across as poor form. But just because I or anyone else who thinks that does not make them jealous or hateful (though that isn't to say that some aren't jealous or hateful); I just don't think it's accurate or fair to make that a blanket statement for all who feel that way. I feel what I feel as a BtVS fandom person, and I respect the source material. It sounds to me that most of those in opposition are speaking from a fandom point of view as well.

I've had the pleasure to be both in the James fandom, as well as the Buffy fandom. I think those who are just in the James fandom have missed a lot of fans' displeasure at the comics overall--Spike's portrayal and treatment in particular. Like it or not, this will be viewed as another layer of mistreatment to Spike fans. No one seems to love the character as much as we do as of late, or respect his story. That's including Scott Allie, James, and Joss. Visit some of the fandom boards or LiveJournal and the like--this isn't new nor is it limited to James. This just a new round of "kick the Spike" the fan edition. That's how they view it; that's how they feel, myself included. In the comics, Spike has been jerked around, acted OOC, put on a bug ship that was a metaphor for his fans (a loyal bunch of roach beetles, basically--nifty comparison! Not), and having his feelings jerked around. Spike changed his existence for Buffy all the way back in s5, but made it crystal clear to non-believers upon the retrieval of his soul as irrefutable proof of his love and loyalty. So yeah, giving him a love interest in season 7 (who "kicks him to the curb") is pissing all over that. It just is.

15 Random Facts

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There's this meme on FB (and I cannot tell you how weird it is to do memes on just doesn't seem right), and decided to share it here.

15 Random Facts About Me:

1. I have nor have I ever had an interest at sports.
2. I auditioned for Julliard's acting program.
3. I've been writing since age 6, and reading since age...what 3?
4. I really am only 5'11".
5. One thing I am certain of as I get older is that I will attend at least one convention a year.
6. My mother induced labor a week before her due date.  Either way, I would have been a Scorpio.
7. I have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie.
8. My favorite characters of all time are Lucy Ricardo, Spike, and Alan Shore.
9. I love "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"-- The movie.  That's right, I said it.
10. I can't write with a filter.  Even if I only share the content with a limited audience, I can't self-censor.
11. I enjoy playing dress up.  Always have; always will.  Especially if it's in a shade of blue.
12. I prefer my glasses to contacts, but only because they're less of a hassle.  If I had the funds and wasn't so freaked out by it, I'd probably get that eye surgery.
13. I'd rather read a "can't put it down" book than go to a club.
14. "It's a Wonderful Life" is one of my favorite films, and one of my favorite love stories.
15. I can only listen to music that reflects my mood, come to think of it.


Original Character Meme

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The Original Character Interview Meme

Pick an original character from any work you choose, then answer the following questions in character...

1. Care to introduce yourself? The name's Nic.  I'm a near billionaire megalomaniac, apparently.  The "apparently" is for the megalomaniac bit.  Personally, I would just call it superiority.

The Tigress is coming...Collapse )

Spuffy Distractions

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So, was looking at my photobucket for an unrelated manner, then saw the jpegs from my comic remix.  I re-read them, and, in the interest of procrastination, may take up telling the rest of this in fan fic.

But I was wondering, anyone mind giving me a quick rundown of what has actually been going on in the comics?

The Good Soldier-- Fan Fic

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So, I started this...a year or more ago, and finally finished it this week.  It's unbeta-ed and rough, but it was something that was on my mind, and it's hard to find betas for fan fic that isn't Spuffy :p  So, here it goes!

ETA: Anyone know where else I can post this?  Comms, sites, anything?

Alternate s3

Spike goes back to California to die by the slayer's hands after Dru leaves him.  Except when he gets there, he doesn't find the slayer he was looking for...


“The Good Soldier”

Look into my eyes. Be in me...

It had been three months since...

Since she had died.

About Wizard World Philly...

David's not coming.

After only 48 hours of the announcement, he is now listed as a cancellation.  My fangirl is broken.

I...yeah, I don't have anything else to add.


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